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An Overview of Graphics Debugging Tools

If you feel uncomfortable with the table style, feel free to check this prettier one

Desktop graphics debugger

Tool Vendor Host Device D3D OpenGL Comment
apitrace open-source desktop-OS desktop-OS 8~11 OpenGL/ES link
VOGL Valve Linux Linux   OpenGL link
Renderdoc Crytek Windows Windows 11.0 / 11.1   link
PIX Microsoft Win Win 9~11   DX SDK, replaced by VS Graphics Debugger
VS Graphics Debugger Microsoft Win Win 9~11.1   Bundled with VS 2012 pro, link
GLIntercept open-source Win Win   OpenGL link
Nsight NVIDIA desktop-OS desktop-OS 9/11 OpenGL 4.2 Also supprots OpenCL/CUDA/C++ AMP, Needs Visual Studio / Eclipse, link
CodeXL AMD Win/Linux Win/Linux   OpenGL formly gDEBugger, also supports OpenCL, link
GPU PerfStudio AMD Win Win 10/11 OpenGL link
GPA-d3d Intel Windows Windows 9~11   link

Android graphics debugger

Tool Vendor Host Device OpenGL Comment
Android-glTracer Google ES link    
Mali Graphics Debugger ARM Win/Linux Android/Linux ES Also supports OpenCL, link
PVRTrace/PVRTune Imagination desktop-OS iOS/Android/PC ES link
PerfHUD ES NVIDIA desktop-OS Tegra-Android ES link
Tegra Graphics Debugger NVIDIA desktop-OS Tegra K1 4.x / ES link
GPA-es Intel desktop-OS Atom-Android ES link

WebGL debugger

Tool Vendor Browser Comment
WebGL-Inspector open-source any link
Chrome Canvas Inspector Google Chrome intro
Google Web Tracing Framework Google any github
Firefox WebGL Shader Editor Mozilla Firefox intro

My personal favorites:

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